Composite Product


Looking for a way to market product sets, such as custom bikes,
vegetable boxes or pizzas?
You can use the Composite Product plugin to make it easy for your customers to attach products to their cart from a shop or a single product page. Customers can easily buy composite product on the shop page or on a single product page.
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Simple, Secure and Beautiful.

A must-have toolkit for WooCommerce.

You’ll find Composite Module  for WooCommerce easy to integrate with your existing store.We provide plenty of unique and customisable features – let's take a spin.

Better product assembling capabilities.

  • Every Composite product comprises of multiple building blocks called Components.

  • Every Component incorporates a variety of different Component Options to browse.
  • Component Options are added to Components by choosing product categories, or scanning for specific products.


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Customizable flows and layouts

  • Form Location, found at the top of the Components tab.
  • Options Style, found under the Basic Settings tab of each Component.
  • Layout, found at the top of the Components tab.


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Flexible pricing features.

  • It allows you to define static composite price and/or add individual components prices to the basic composite price.
  • When Priced Individually is enabled, Component Percent Discount can be defined. Discounts provide an incentive to purchase bulk items and/or to purchase optional "add-ons" such as accessories.


Make your own pizza
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Make your own pizza
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Sell Composite Product on the Shop Page

Selling composite goods with WooCommerce can be challenging at times. You've got a fantastic range of items, but all the products are concealed on the single product list. It takes a lot of time and effort to build your composite goods, so shouldn't it be easier for your customers to find and buy products while browsing, filtering, and searching your WooCommerce store?

That’s exactly where Composite Product can help!

This module helps you to view your individual product as a composite product on the shop page, including category, filter and search results.

Now your customers can locate the items they're searching for more quickly, resulting in more sales and fewer customers leaving your shop without finding what they're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. 

Will it work with my theme?
Yes, it will work with any well-coded WooCommerce theme.

Can I still use the plugin when my licence expires?
Yes, you can use the plugin even after your licence expires. But you will no longer be able to receive updates or support for the plugin.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, if you decide within 30 days of purchase our plugin is not for you. 

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