Refund Policy

If you have problems getting extensions to work, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 14 days of the original purchase. After 30 days, no refunds will be given. Before a refund will be given, you must allow us to try and help solve any problems you have by opening a support ticket.

Refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use the purchased products. We stand behind our products and will assist you in solving any problem you have, but we also expect you to adequately understand what you are purchasing and why.

You should give us 7 days at least to resolve a issues, though we fix issues with in 1 or 2 days in most cases.

If you have any technical or sales queries please do not hesitate to contact us prior to purchasing.

Unfortunately, we are are unable to grant refunds for the following reasons:

  • You didn’t go for it.
  • You no longer need it for your project.
  • Your client or boss no longer requires it.
  • You have found an alternative whether free or commercial
  • You have decided to use another CMS
  • You are using a CMS or Plugin that does not meet plugin requirements
  • You are experiencing problems with other third-party plugins on your WordPress site
  • You do not have the time to implement a plugin
  • You have only downloaded plugin(s) but not installed it
  • You do not know how to implement or use a plugin on your site