Stop losing money through discounts.

Nudge customers to spend more with your brand.

What if you offer free shipping only if customers spend $40? 5% discount on $150? $50 off on spending $350. Offer a flexible tier discounting for your woocommerce store.

30-day free trial. easy installation easy cancellation.

Sell more products online.

Discounting is broken

If your offer is cheap, discounted, has no variants, and applies to your entire customer base – you should be seeing a high take-rate on that offer and a nice boost in Average Order Value.

Instead of stopping there, you should ask yourself how you can take this up a notch?”

The answer to that is cart threshold incentives.

How it works

Select your reward plans.

Plan your rewards for your WooCommerce store.

  • Choose the reward types.
  • Option for up-sell and, coupon options.
  • Add different rules.

Add tiers to incentive

Multiple cart threshold rewards for your WooCommerce store.

  • Add different types of rewards.
  • Set cart threshold amount.
  • Deactivate rules anytime.

Sell more products online.

A smart tool with a simple setup

Deliver. Delight. Discount.

Ready to boost your AOV?

**Billed annually. Cancel anytime. Valid for one WooCommerce store.