The listing submission form

WP Restaurant Listings has a built-in shortcode which you can insert inside the page content to display the restaurant submission form.

Create Page

Create a new page, name it something along the lines of Submit Job and then inside the content area add the shortcode:

To create a new page go to Dashboard → Pages → Add New, give it a name something like “Submit Restaurant” and insert the following shortcode inside the content of the page.


Note: When inserting shortcode switch into the “text” view mode of the page editor to prevent wrong formation of the inserted shortcode.

How to submit restaurant

Users can easily submit restaurant by going to the page you recently created and filling the restaurant form. Follow the steps below fill up the form and submit new restaurant.

Step 1: Fill up form fields

There has two section in the job form. The first field in the first section of the job form display “Your account” row. This field’s display varies depending on your settings.

  1. If the user is logged in this field shows the currently logged in user.
  2. If the user is logged out, accounts are not mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled this shows a sign in link.
  3. If the user is logged out, accounts are mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled the form is disabled.
  4. If the user is logged out, accounts are mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is enabled an email field is shown to allow signup.

After the account field, fill up the following fields of first section:

  • Restaurant name
  • Address
  • Restaurant type
  • Restaurant category
  • Price Range
  • Description
  • Restaurant email

Address field is optional. Restaurant type and Restaurant category will be visible if these are enabled in the settings, you also need to fill up these fields.

In the second section of the of form you can add additional details about the restaurant including:

  • Phone
  • Website
  • Tagline
  • Video
  • Twitter username
  • Logo
  • Gallery Images
  • Menu
  • Hours of Operation

All of the fields above are optional.

Step 2: Preview the restaurant

After filling up the form fields, you can click on the “Preview” button to go to the next step and preview the restaurant listing. There has two option to choose, you can click on “Edit” button to change the details of the listing or “Submit” button to approve it.

Step 3 – Success

After approval you will see a message about the status of you submitted listing.

Updated on April 3, 2018

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