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Setting up WP Restaurant Listings

After installing the plugin, you can configure it as you need it. Go to Dashboard → Restaurants → Settings to find the tabbed interface of available setting groups.

Restaurant Listings settings

The restaurant listings tab contains the following settings:

    • Listings per page – Controls how many restaurant listings should be shown per page when using the [restaurants] shortcode
    • Categories – If checked, restaurant categories will be enabled. These are used to group restaurants by category and are also visible on the frontend restaurant submission form if enabled.
    • Multi-select Categories – If enabled, the category select box will default to a multiselect on the [restaurants] shortcode.
    • Category Filter Type – Determines the logic used to display restaurants when selecting multiple categories.
    • Types – Choose whether you want to enable types.
    • Multi-select Listing Types – If enabled, each restaurant can have more than one type.
    • Date Format – Choose how you want the published date for restaurants to be displayed on the front-end.
    • Mapbox Access Token – Mapbox requires an aceess token to retrieve location information for restaurant listings. Acquire an access token from the Mapbox site.
    • Search Radius – This control the radius of the search to find restaurant farther or closer to the address user enter.

Restaurant Submission settings

The restaurant submission tab shows options regarding the restaurant submission process in WP Restaurant Listings:

  • Account required – If left unchecked, non-logged in users will be able to submit restaurant listings without creating an account.
  • Account creation – If checked, non-logged in users will be able to create an account by entering their email address on the job submission form. This is optional depending on the settings below.
  • Account Username – If enabled, a username will be generated from the first part of the user email address. Otherwise, a username field will be shown.
  • Account Password – When enabled, an email will be sent to the new user with their username and a link to set their password. If disabled, a password field will be shown and the new user’s email address won’t be verified.
  • Account Role – If you enable registration on your restaurant submission form, choose a role for the newly registered users. This defaults to Employer.
  • Moderate New Listings – If enabled, new submissions will be inactive, pending admin approval. Only once approved by an admin (published) will they be visible on the frontend.
  • Allow Pending Edits – If enabled, submissions awaiting admin approval can be edited by the user.


The pages tab allows you to select the pages where you’ve inserted the main WP Restaurant Listings shortcodes.

  • Submit Restaurant Form Page – Select the page where you have placed the [submit_restaurant_form] shortcode.
  • Restaurant Dashboard Page – Select the page where you have placed the [restaurant_dashboard] shortcode.
  • Restaurant Listings Page – Select the page where you have placed the [restaurants]shortcode.
Updated on April 3, 2018

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