Post Installation

You will need to create some pages to insert Restaurant Listings shortcodes after activating the “WP Restaurant Listings” plugin.
Follow the setup wizard steps which will create pages by inserting shortcodes automatically for you.

If you wish to create manually, we recommend the following pages:

Once installed:

  • Create a page called “Restaurants” and inside place the [restaurants] shortcode. This will list your restaurants.
  • Create a page called “Submit Restaurant” and inside place the [submit_restaurant_form] shortcode if you want front-end submissions.
  • Create a page called “My Restaurants” and inside place the [restaurant_dashboard] shortcode for logged in users to manage their listings.
Page Name Page Content
Restaurants [restaurants]
My Restaurants [restaurant_dashboard]
Submit Restaurant [submit_restaurant_form]


When using shortcodes, if the content looks blown up/spaced out/poorly styled, edit your page and above the visual editor click on the ‘text’ tab. Then remove any ‘pre’ or ‘code’ tags wrapping your shortcode.

Updated on April 3, 2018

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